Our SEO tips to boost your school website in the search rankings!

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most important tools in any school marketer’s toolkit. By improving your site’s ranking on search engines, you can bring more potential students to your doorstep, and improve your school’s visibility in a crowded field.

But how does SEO work? And how can you make sure your school’s website is optimised for the search engines? Here are a few tips:

  1. Keyword research

The first step in any SEO campaign is understanding which keywords people are likely to use when searching for your school. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or other tools to find out what words and phrases people are using to find schools like yours. Once you know which keywords to target, you can start incorporating them into your website content, titles, and even your Google AdWords campaigns.

  1. Optimize your website content

When it comes to SEO, quality content is key. Make sure all of your website pages are filled with relevant and informative content that will interest potential students. Include keywords throughout your text, and be sure to title your pages and blog posts correctly so that the search engines will take notice.

  1. Backlinks

One of the most important factors in SEO is building backlinks from other websites. When other sites link back to yours, it tells the search engines that your site is valuable and worth including in their results. There are a number of ways to build backlinks, including submitting articles to online publications, participating in online discussions, and creating guest blog posts for other websites.

By following these tips, you can help improve your school’s ranking on the search engines and bring more potential students knocking on your door.


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